The Stroke of Heavenly Feet

This Muscle Queen was sent from the heavens to dominate, torment and tease the men she encounters. Mr. Tony Orlando thought he was lucky to embrace the clouds of this Angelic goddess but she quickly takes control of his Man Cock and stops at nothing to MILK his man bone and make him moan so load the GODS above can clearly hear the earth explode.

Big Black Cock Stud

The Southern Belle BrandiMae is on the hunt for a Black Cock Stud! She comes across Jordan Wright who is hung, eager and ready to service! She inspects him upon arrival to ensure he is adequate, checking him out and giving him some domineering instruction to see if he is obedient. Lucky for the Buxom Babe, Jordan provides a COCK and studs his way to a cum riddled performance.

Silky and Strong POV

Double down on the Ultra Strong domination because when Goddess Nadia and BrandiMae link up to torment you, it will be a silky and strong situation! You can count on it or count down to it! Both beautiful amazons crave the entertainment of abusing you with their glossy and sexy bodies. Each pulse will seduce you and every inch will amaze you.

Goddess Nadia’s Interruption

Goddess Nadia is a mean dominate diva who does what she wants to whom she wants! BrandiMae and Goddess Nadia are on a little staycation getaway as good friends but when Nadia gets into a Bully mode, it is hard to keep her restrained. Goddess Nadia likes to impose her strength by lifting people really high in the air. So when Nadia decided she wanted to use the den area to stretch, she expected BrandIMae to get out of her way.

Slippery with Ava

Two naughty and horny ladies need to rinse off after a long day! What would unwind these ladies is a relaxing and steamy bubble bath. BrandiMae wants to FLEX with her big clit for Ava. Ava wants to rinse down BrandiMae’s hard muscles. Both of these women get a slippery and wet girl on girl orgasm.

Kelli P is Sucked OFF and Soaked Down

Kelli Provocateur is always BULGING out and massive! Not only are her muscles hard and hefty but her MASSIVE CLIT is PUMPED up too. Kelli needs a good, explosive orgasm and BrandiMae is ready to SUCK OFF her CLIT COCK until she dripples down and POPS in her mouth!

Lesbian Lick Off

One of the hottest and voluptuous Red Head’s Sexy Vanessa meets up with Muscle Bound Beauty BrandiMae for a little tongue lashing lick off! These two horny babes have been in talks of playing together so when they finally meet up they can’t hide their anticipation. Both women lick and suck every inch of one another! Vanessa loves BrandiMae’s massive muscle clit. BrandiMae adores Vanessa’s subtle and suckable breasts. These ladies have a full blown hardcore pussy feast! Yummy!

Bend it Beauty

Bend it like a beauty queen is what BrandiMae has in mind as she crushes and twists up some heavy metal parts!  She can’t wait to crush her opponents and what better way to strengthen up her hands other than pulling out some hard metal and taunting the little losers who are weak and docile! She gets extremely horny knowing she can outlift and out strengthen most men.

Strong Epic Seductive Muscle

Her seductive and dense muscle will mesmerize anyone! Her strength and power is off the charts! BrandiMae is a Muscle Queen who proves time after time and pump after pump that she is one of the most iconic strong queens to ever walk the planet. Watch her get massive and mighty as she works her defined and hard body!

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