Ms. Muscle Control Contest

Naturally the Muscle Queen is going to WIN the Ms. Muscle Control Contest. Easily, BrandiMae showcases her massive muscle flexing, bouncing and pulsing. Her dense muscles make her control and power easily to manipulate for the judges. Every ounce of her body is solid so with ease and grace she can showcase her epic control with poise and beauty but also strength and dominance.

Big Female Flex

BrandiMae teams up with 2 MASSIVE MUSCULAR BEAUTIES to worship, flex and caress their bulging, dense and sexy muscles. Rayna, Ariel and BrandiMae make up a heaven like flexing threesome and nudity doesn’t even need to be included; their MEAN muscle worship is enough to make you explode.

Uncut Black

Some Black Cocks have extra skin! All that extra Black Skin causes for some Extra stimulation!! Embrace the Stroke of the Uncut Black!

Honey Bucket

BrandiMae wants to share her exquisite Honey Bucket. Her Honey Bucket has been hoisted as one of the TOP buckets of arousal so proceed with caution when approaching. Use this honey bucket and the honey hole might suck you in whole!!

Pussy Perfect Portfolio

BrandiMae is savvy and she is on a mission to succeed. She aspires to build a wealth portfolio larger than anyone would imagine. In doing so she finds herself extremely horny and turned on every time she checks her stocks, digital currency or venture portfolios! Listen to the muscle looker lust after her own gains and watch her get off knowing she is going to one day hopefully retire rich AF!

Stroke Exam

Study Buddies BrandiMae and Yvette Bova find company in one another during their study time. They are both eager students who want to Ace their stroke exam. Both students have been studying the entire stroke season and decide to become study stroke buddies. There is nothing better than having a study partner!

Crotch Rocket

Muscle Mama has a huge crotch rocket that is ready for a blast off.  She needs an obedient and slut boy to serve up her hard, throbbing femcock. Are you the obedient boy toy who needs a FLEX OFF?

Buff Bat XXX

The Buff Bat is on the prowl looking for her boy toy or cock n friends that are tormenting the town. The Buff Bat is lethal at her defense and will use her superior mouth and strong tight pussy to crack the destroyer cock and milk it into submission.

SheCunt Diesel

Muscle Sluts and Slave Bois go crazy for the SHECUNTS of two incredible MUSCLE Beasts.

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