StrapOn Party!

The best kind of Slumber party is the one with Muscle Flexes and Dildos! BrandiMae, Ariel Rose and Rayna want to enjoy the power and strength of Ultimate 3XFem Play. They enjoy caressing and flexing for one another but as they get ready for the evening, the BIG toys come out and the Big Clit pussies spread open! These brutes give a good Strap On Flex Fucking to on another in this ULTRA HOT FEM FLEX Strap On party!

Unspoken Fantasy

An incredible unspoken fantasy would be to watch 3 glorious MUSCLE BOUND BEAUTIES, worship, massage, tease and caresses one another. All while you watch closely and explore the world of erotic muscle. Ariel, Rayna and BrandiMae are each enticed with fem-muscle so upon their lunch and chatting, they decide to explore erotic muscle a little further, deeper and thicker. Enjoy a 3some that will mesmerize and make you drool.

Sweltering CLIT Monster

It is a SWELTERING day in the summer heat. The desert is dry and Muscle MILF BrandiMae’s MASSIVE MUSCLE CLIT is throbbing! Anytime the sweat starts dripping, the heat starts burning and the CLIT starts pulsing, BrandiMae loves to oil down her curvaceous body and rub out her horny Muscle Mommy swollen clit!

Rayna shows She is The BOSS!

Rayna is a Bodacious Muscle Beast and she loves to compare and talk major trash! She is fed up with the rumors and wants to set the record straight today that she is the best arm wrestler with the biggest biceps! BrandiMae can’t refute how intimidating Rayna is but BrandiMae won’t back down from a challenge so she gets a load full of real, pure MUSCLE domination.

Lift and Play Time with Ariel and BrandiMae

Ready for anything, BrandiMae hooks up with Ariel Rose for some playtime fun of lift, carries and worshiping! Ariel is a MASSIVE MUSCLE monster and when she comes to town, she and BrandiMae always connect for a little showdown of feats of strength and worship.  Ariel can lift BrandiMae in every position possible; BrandiMae tries her go at giving Ariel a taste of her own lifting! Nothing better than a Sunny afternoon of Muscle Playtime with some beefcake dangerous dames!

Lora Cross VS BrandiMae: The Ultimate Sex Wrestling Challenge

This is one ULTRA SEX BATTLE between 2 power houses, Lora Cross and BrandiMae. The chemistry is dynamite between BrandiMae, a true muscle bound tank and Lora Cross, a swift and sultry sex goddess. With pulsing and thrusting clits, they each try hard to prove how horny and hungry they are to win! Both of the ladies are competitive and want to prove they are the ultimate Sex Wrestler.

Lift and Lick Party

There is nothing more celebratory than a Lift & Lick party! Call it a KINK but BrandiMae loves throwing these parties all the time. She invites a willing and skinny guy who loves to be smothered and sucked off. After having her way and partying all over his face, she sucks and strokes his cock off until the party is over!  

Bear Hug Abuser

Goddess Nadia is a mean and cruel abuser. She takes no mercy on anyone, including her own friends. BrandiMae stops by to take a swim and before they get ready to take a dive, goddess Nadia dives right into the mean muscle abuse. She unleashes a brute hugging and dominate squeezing on BrandiMae, leaving her helpless and weeping from the torture.

Slick Diesel Worship

BrandiMae and Brooke Diesel encounter a slick and slippery play toy! In this Flexing and Fun video, both ladies get so horny exploring each other. Brooke is a diesel doll jacked and ready while BrandiMae is dense, dominate and ready for thrusting. Explore the experience of being a Play Toy in the world of Big Buff and Pussy Hungry Female Bodybuilders!!

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