Tuck My Box

When a Muscle MILF finds herself in a bind needing to move boxes while her son is away, she turns to his trusty friend for assistance.

Brute & Cute XXX w/ Carmin Blue

Watch as two fierce female muscle men indulge in a playful yet sensually charged girl time. With their powerful physiques and undeniable chemistry, they explore their strength and intimacy in a unique and captivating way. Join them in this captivating journey of hardcore xxx muscle and sensuality.

Savannah Fox & BrandiMae Pussy Tumbling

Watch as two fierce and fit women, Savannah Fox and BrandiMae engage in an intense wrestling match, showcasing their strength and sexual agility. With each move, they demonstrate their determination and skill, pushing the boundaries of athleticism while getting mean on the matts. Don’t miss this electrifying showdown between two sexual powerful competitors!

Black Plant Stick

Join BrandiMae, a dedicated plant stick enthusiast, as she demonstrates her daily stretching and fitness routine in this video snippet. With grace and precision, BrandiMae showcases how her beloved plant stick enhances her flexibility and aids in achieving optimal fitness levels. Watch as she effortlessly incorporates the plant stick into her day, inspiring viewers to discover the benefits of this versatile tool for their own wellness journey.

Crazy BabyDoll

BabyDoll, a quirky and crazy lady with a penchant for mischief, finds herself in a crazy house where she’s restrained in a straight jacket. But she’s not one to be contained for long as she ingeniously escapes her confines and embarks on a mischievous pussy pulling and finger fucking spree, turning the institution upside down with her playful antics.

Buffy White is Looking for Home

Join Buffy White on a whimsical journey as she awakens in a mysterious land.  Along the way, she encounters a charming yet deceitful man who promises to help her find her way home, will Buffy’s determination be enough to navigate this fantastical realm and uncover the key to her return?

Masochistic Mommy

In this gripping video, witness the unyielding determination of a resilient mother as she pushes herself beyond her limits. This power Muscle Mommy would prefer to test her limits and hang out her huge pussy instead of the laundry! With unwavering strength, she faces every painful challenge head-on, showcasing her indomitable spirit and relentless perseverance. Brace yourself for an inspiring display of resilience as this tough mommy demonstrates that she can endure anything thrown her way.

Motivation 2 Bust Balls

Despite his best intentions, Kris often finds himself lagging behind in tasks due to his lazy tendencies. His two female colleagues, BrandiMae and Rapture, constantly find themselves picking up the slack, urging him on and providing motivation to keep him focused. The only motivation most effective is CBT! Despite their efforts, Kris’s inefficiency remains a constant challenge, requiring ongoing slamming, kicking, kneeing and busting to keep him on track.

Cowboy Straddle

In this short video, a spirited cowgirl mounts her buck with confidence, ready for adventure. But when her steed misbehaves, she doesn’t hold back, delivering a tongue-lashing of sass that’ll have you cheering for her fiery spirit. Watch as this cowgirl shows who’s boss in the Wild West with her fearless attitude and sharp wit.

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